About Channel 7

The Royal Thai Army Television Channel 7 or “Channel 7” began broadcasting in accordance with CCIR’s 625 lines standard, PAL system, for the first time on November 27, 1967 by live broadcasting on Miss Thailand Pageant Contest during Vajuravudhanusorn festival held in Saran Rom Palace.

In 1973, Channel 7 began establishing broadcasting relay stations in the provinces. And in 1978, the provincial stations began broadcasting service by receiving broadcasting signal through satellite from Bangkok and were relayed through network stations in rural areas, which was the first such service in Thailand. Presently, Channel 7 has altogether 37 network stations broadcasting signal covering nationwide as well as border areas of neighboring countries.

Moreover, Channel 7 also utilizes international satellite (International Satellite) or so called INTELSAT, reporting events from all corners globally to be broadcast in Thailand. In the meantime, Channel 7 initiated innovations in television circle in Thailand by adopting high frequency Ku-band mobile satellite vehicles and Outside - Broadcasting Vans or OB relying on C – Band frequency, temporarily functioning as host station carrying traditional festivals, sports events and other important events in various places nationwide so as to perform duty as complete mass media organization broadcasting beneficial information, knowledge and entertainment which can respond to audience’s demand with swiftness and in time.

Leader publicizing news to general public

Presently, Channel 7’s news programme presents news in a manner of clinging to the situation of the news all day, including Khao Pak Chao (literally means morning news programme), Khao Pak Thiang (literally means midday news programme) and Khao Pak Deug (literally means nightly news programmes) as well as Khao Ded Jed Si (literally means Channel 7 Hot News) and Ded Khao Deuk (literally means night shift hot news) by qualitative news teams who report news rapidly, swiftly and accurately. Moreover, Channel 7’s news programme also performs duty as if mirror reflects problems and living condition of general public from all parts of the country through important news sections, such as Scoop Chewit (literally means Life’s Scoop), Khao Chuay Chao Ban (literally means Help Folks News) and Duay Lam Khaeng (literally means With One’s Own Effort) as well as Sa Ked Khao (literally means News Flash) and Khao Keela Muns Muns (literally means Fun Sports Section). All of these programmes have identity and are very popular.

Vision in terms of Channel 7’s news reporting and publicizing

- Carry out swift, rapid and accurate news reporting
- The news reporting with outstanding uniqueness and popular to the public.
- The news reflects general public’s problems and viewpoints.

Popular television’s soap opera

Television’s soap opera is entertainment which is chosen by Channel 7 for audiences have a chance to watch the soap opera and feel impressed with the greatest writing to various styles of soap operas, including life, love, fighting, exciting, comedy and fantasy by Thailand’s qualitative leading production teams, fully provided with actors and actresses admired to general public. It results in Channel 7’s soap operas becoming favourite programme and receiving the highest popular among general public throughout the past over 40 years.

Apart from Channel 7’s successful soap operas receiving popularity from audiences nationwide, these many soap operas also reflected care and responsibility to the society as these soap operas have received so many awards from various institutions, such as:

- "Kham See Than Dorn" was awarded outstanding mass media for youths award, television programme category, from the National Youth Bureau.
- "Nam Phu" (literally means fountain) was awarded award for society, resisting drugs, from Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB).
- "Muang Dala" (literally means Dala town) was awarded television soap opera award planting conscious in term of prevention, suppression and solution to drugs problem from Criminal and Drugs Prevention and Resistance Foundation of Thailand.
- "Su Pab Burus Look Pu Chai" (literally means gentleman) and "Yeo Sao Mur Mai " (literally means novice female falcon) were awarded outstanding works award, promotion and supporting corruption prevention and suppression category, from the Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC).
- "Oon Ai Rak" (literally means warm of steam of love) was awarded constructive mass media jointly developing society award from Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, etc.

Sports Channel

In the past up until now, Channel 7 has been paying attention to development of Thailand’s sports circle to be progressive, together with encouraging Thai youths to turn to playing sports and to make use of spare time by hosting “Champ Keela Jed Si” (literally means Channel 7 Sports Champions) sports competition event in 1984. There were so many rising stars participating in this sports competition event and were successful in national sports competitions, such as Sirimongkol Singhawangcha, former World Boxing Council’s super-featherweight boxer champion, Rewadee Srithaow, several times of Sea Games’ gold medalist, Manasnant Pangkha and Rattanaporn Araisuk, Asian Games’ beach volleyball gold medalists, as well as Sornswan Poovijit, Mathurada Kunopakornkarn and Dulyarit Puangthong, Sea Games’ swimming gold medalists etc.

Moreover, Channel 7 Station was also leader arranging 7 students football competition, the first of its kind in Thailand, under “Champ Keela Jed See One-To-Call! Tournament of Champions” (literally means One-To-Call! Channel 7 Sports Tournament of Champions” programme. And Channel 7 was also core leader pushing Thai youths to be professional athletes through “Champ Keela Jed Si Krungsri San Fun Tam Roy Paradorn” (literally means Channel 7 Krungsri Sports Champion Continuing Dream Trailing Paradorn) tennis competition and golf sports competition through “Champ Keela Jed Si Krungsri San Fun Tam Roy Virada” (literally means Channel 7 Krungsri Sports Champion Continuing Dream Trailing Virada) programme as well.

Channel 7 has been regarded as pioneer of live broadcasting of world class and national level crucial sports events. And Channel 7 has also been revitalizing Thai people to pay attention to and love sports. Channel 7 has also been carrying out live broadcasting of variety of sports events, such as Grand Slam, Master Series and ATP tennis competitions, variety of football competition programmes, such as World Cup qualifiers-South America, Europe, Asia zones, AFC Asian Cup, Asean Football Championship, Premier League, United Kingdom’s F.A Cup; Major, USPGA, LPGA, Ryder Cup golf tournaments; as well as supreme world boxing of De La Hoya, Barrera and Morales etc.

Channel 7 Network Stations

- 1 station in Bangkok
- 4 stations in the Eastี
- 3 stations in the West
- 10 stations in the North
- 9 stations in the Northeast
- 10 stations in the South
altogether 37 stations.